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CPP Community | Coming in 2023

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here's what to expect with

A Thriving 

Christian Creative Community

Plush Member Profiles & Pics, live streams, Direct Messaging, group chats, Office Hours, events & More - so you can So You can Truly connect Fellow creatives & the CPP Team.

Access with a browser or iOS App

CPP Couple enjoying the CPP's Life Coaching Materials

Easy to Use.

Fun to Connect, Learn & Serve.

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Searchable, Rich Profiles

  • Set up your profile and away you go.
  • Find others creatives with similar interests.
  • Engage in Direct Messages, Group Chats, & forums.


Opportunities to Learn & Grow abound

  • Participate in live "Office Hours" with the CPP Team.
  • Register for live events & activities. 
  • Join topical forums and setup feeds 


Opportunities to serve & be served

  • Every member of our Our Christians Creative Community can find opportunities to serve fellow believers with creative arts skills or equipping the saints via our guest posts, forum engagement, and even your own courses & pro services (for Partner Plus members).
  • If you need help with a topic or issue, you can likely find it in our forums, "office hours" and life coaching offerings.

Easy to Use.

Fun to Connect, Learn, & Serve.

Accessible via browser and  iOS App!

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CPP Community | Coming in 2023

Community access included with pro membership