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Step 1:  Relax & Get to Know Us  

Welcome home to the Christian Publishing Portal (CPP).

This is our story, and we hope it will become part of yours!

Can You Relate to This?

Christian authors, artists, screenwriters, filmmakers, and other creatives want to honor God with their talents, but many secular companies, mentors, and training venues don't share their faith, values, or worldview.

Christian creatives are often left with the choice to either leave their faith at the door or be treated as an outcast - or worse if they stand fast. Some days they feel like a fish out of water, flopping around trying to breathe, while inwardly longing for a way to excel in their craft and honor God with their creative talents.

There must be other Christian creatives who feel the same way we do . . . but where?  

Would You Like to Experience This?

The Christian Publishing Portal (CPP) is a global community of Christian creatives dedicated to helping one another excel at their craft for the express purpose of honoring God with their lives and the creative talents God has given them.

The CPP's mission is simple: (1) teach Christian creatives everything they need to know to create, publish, market, and sell Christian titles themselves (DIY) with excellence, and (2) provide access to a CPP network of trusted Christian service providers they can call on to help with all or part of their publishing effort/s, if needed.

We understand WHO you are, WHOSE you are & WHY you want to honor God with your creative talents. Welcome to the CPP.

Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, 

that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

- Romans 12:2 NKJV

  Who We Are...

  • A global community of Christian creatives, spurring one another on to the good works God called us to walk in.
  • We equip believers to create, publish, market, and sell books, eBooks, audio-books, music, screenplays, film & courses (and more).
  • We enable you to do everything yourself (DIY) or to hire trusted CPP providers to help with all or part of your project.
  • We understand who you are and "whose" you are, and we share your desire to honor Christ.
Dr. Bart Dahmer - Christian Publishing Portal Founder
Dr. Bart Dahmer
Founder & CEO
The Christian Publishing Portal

Meet the FOUNDER of the Christian Publishing Portal

     Bart started his career in HR & IT leadership at FedEx where he managed a number of teams in the US and abroad. He was entrusted to lead hundreds of people and manage budgets exceeding 100 million annually.
     After several years, he felt a call to use his experience to honor God and support fellow believers in the Christian community. So in 2008, after much prayer (and contrary to most advice), Bart launched Innovo Publishing, a Christian publishing company that he continues to lead as CEO today. 
     As an author and publisher, Bart recognized a tremendous
and ever-growing need in the Christian community for a trusted source of publishing education and guidance along with how to avoid many common mistakes and scams. 
     Over the years, he spent an increasing portion of his time educating Christian creatives from across the US and several other countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
     In 2020, he began laying the foundation for the Christian Portal by documenting the most common and important issues Christian creatives face and then addressing them in topical training courses and  programs.
     In 2022, Bart and a few of his trusted friends developed and launched the Christian Publishing Portal (CPP) that Bart continues to lead as CEO.
    Bart holds a masters degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, a second masters in Computer Information Systems, and a doctorate in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University.
     He is a disciple of Christ, a husband, father, deacon, and Gideon and author, as well as a life-long learner who enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and family near Memphis, TN.

STEP 2: Examine Our Mission & Core Services

Our Mission is to help Christian Creatives hone and use their

 talents to honor God by supporting the Great Commission,

 equipping Believers, and helping Create a positive

Christ-centered Worldview.

To Accomplish our Mission, We Offer These CORE services

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We provide courses & resources that teach you "how to" . . .

Create and publish your titles - step by step

  • Our planned CPP courses and resources show you how to create and publish books, eBooks, audiobooks, flipbooks, music, screenplays & courses. (NOTE: not all planned courses are available today, but more are being added all the time.)
  • Our offerings are developed by Christian publishing experts with years of hands-on experience, tips & best practices. 
  • You can access CPP products and services "ala carte" (one at a time, pay as you go) or through our CPP Pro Membership (for an "all-access pass" to our paid courses). 
  • Interested in selling your professional services or courses on the CPP? Our CPP Partner Plus Program is designed with you in mind. Apply online, and let us know how your services and courses would benefit our membership.

Avoid publishing scams, bad contracts & legal trouble

  • Learn to avoid common publishing scams and ploys that wreak havoc for first-time and seasoned authors alike (planned for 2023).
  • Understand publishing contracts and the clauses, terms, and conditions that are present (or omitted) that can lead to trouble and unforeseen costs (planned for 2023).
  • Know the most common US Copyright Law & Fair Use mistakes authors, artists, and ministries make and how to avoid them. (Available now!)

Start a publishing-related business, ministry, or pro gig 

If you've ever asked yourself the following types of questions, then our business, ministry & pro gig courses and resources are going to make you smile!
  • Would starting a business, ministry, or professional services gig save me money and protect my personal & family assets from lawsuits from my clients/customers?
  • What are the costs and pros and cons, and what is the timeline and process for starting a ministry or business?
  • How can I turn my technical know-how into a sideline business that blesses my clients and my family without spending a fortune on time, fees, or peace of mind?
  • If I start my own business, how do I stay out of legal trouble and manage everything?
  • NOTE: This offering is planned for 2023.


We can help with just about any Publishing-Related services

- Provided by the CPP & our trusted Christian partners - 

Manuscript Critiques

Christian Writing Experts who can critique your manuscripts and provide the written and verbal feedback and recommendations you need to get published. (Available now!)

Creative Design Services

Christian Creative Designers & Companies that provide a wide range of creative design services, including cover design, graphic design, illustrations, and much more. (Available now!)

Turn-Key Publishing

Full-Service Christian Publishing providing end-to-end support, including editorial work, cover design, manuscript formatting, publishing, fulfillment, marketing & more from one source. (Available now!)

Editorial Services

Christian Editors and Companies that provide a wide range of editorial services, such as copy editing, line editing, rewrites, and ghost writing. (Available now!)

Marketing Services

Christian Marketing Freelancers and Companies that provide a wide range of marketing, advertising & social media services to support authors, artists & ministries. (Available now!)

Film / TV Script Services

Christian Film and TV Experts who can review your script and provide the written and verbal feedback and recommendations you need to make a winning pitch. (Planned for 2023.)

- More services & providers are added frequently, so check back often -

- All providers are vetted & backed by our "no hassle" refund policy -


A Collection of Biblically-Based Resources that Help You & Your Family Thrive

- Christ-Centered Courses & Materials or Individuals & Families -

Caring for Aging Parents

Best practices, tips, and resources for caring for aging loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer's. Includes a course, eBook, quick reference guide & detailed resource guide.

52 Essential Etiquette Lessons for Kids

Teach your kids or grandkids proper etiquette, and help them earn a "Junior Etiquette Ambassador" certificate. Includes a course, book, quiz & certificate (suitable for printing & framing).

Phone Safety for Tweens

Teach your tweens and teens how to address inappropriate behavior on smart phones, apps, and social media. Includes a course, eBook, student guide, parent guide, test & certificate.


Families that Win Video Series

A video series by Dr. Adrian Rogers and Love Worth Finding Ministries. Everyone will benefit from these insightful biblical truths about raising a family that wins. All for FREE.

Overcoming Same Sex Attraction (SSA)

Learn how fellow Christian creatives have biblically addressed and overcome unwanted SSA. Includes a course, two eBooks, and resource references. Written by a believer who overcame SSA.


"Thru The Bible" Guided Study Program

From Genesis to Revelation - All 66 Books of the Bible Explained 

This one-of-a-kind guided Bible Study Program by Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Thru The Bible Ministries provides comprehensive written and audio resources that systematically guide you through every book of the Bible. All for FREE.


A Unique Christ-Centered Marketplace Serving Our CPP Members

- We Partner with Freelancers & Publishers who sell their services, courses, & products on our website & systems.

Christ-Centered Marketplace

Our Partner Plus program allows qualified Freelancers & Organizations to offer their professional services, premium courses, and products on our website & systems... all vetted and backed by the CPP so you can rest easy.

For Freelancers & Publishers

Our Partner Plus program is designed for individual Freelancers and full-service Publishers who primarily serve the Christian & Wholesome markets. If you offer publishing-related services, courses, or products that our members need, we invite you to apply.

Sell Services, Courses & Products

After agreeing to abide by the CPP's Code of Conduct and Christ-centered dispute resolution policy, our Partner Plus members are able to offer their pro services, premium courses, and products on the CPP's website & systems. 

Invitation Only

Our Partner Plus program is only available by invitation. Our goal is to form long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, so we cap the number of Partners members by "services" category. Our members rate every transaction with a partner so we can ensure the highest quality standards in the publishing industry.

Apply Online

If you would like to know more about the Partner Plus program, you can learn more here... and apply for membership online.

STEP 3: Join Our Global Community of Christian Creatives

why become a CPP PRO Member?

Here's the scoop.

Become a CPP Pro Member

As a CPP Pro Member, you’ll have an all-access pass to all of our premium (paid) courses. Pay a one-time fee, and gain access to all current and all future courses . . . forever! Really - you never have to pay for a premium course again.

As a CPP Pro Member, you will also enjoy discounts on all of our professional services from the CPP and our trusted & certified "Partner Plus" service providers who focus on supporting the Christian and wholesome markets like our CPP community.

Apply for "Partner Plus" Membership

Are you a freelancer or organization who serves the Christian and wholesome publishing markets with turn-key publishing or with specific services like course development, editing, illustrations, translations, cover design, manuscript formatting, or similar?

If so, and you would like to offer your pro services on the CPP's website and platform, we invite you to apply.

What's holding you back? You can apply online today!

What Our Members Are Saying . . .

First, I wrote a book about taking care of aging parents & grandparents . . . then a companion guide, then an online course. Bart and his team have guided me every step of the way. The CPP's Partner Plus Program is the way to go!  Want to see for yourself?  Just click here.   

Leah Stanley,  Author, Speaker

Leah Stanley

I am grateful to be a part of the CPP's Partner Plus Program. The process was easy and painless, and my course, Revelation Simply Put, was set up and ready to go in record time. It's exciting to be a part of a  community  using their creative talents to honor God.

Jodi A. Matthews, Author, Speaker

Jodi A. Matthews

Step 4. Have Some Fun . . . Test Your Knowledge of Copyright Law