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by Dennis Jernigan, author, singer, songwriter

Dennis Jernigan, Author & Songwriter 

Dennis Jernigan is a prolific songwriter and author with over two thousand songs, children's stories, fantasy novels, self-help books, and autobiographical works to his credit. Dennis and his wife, Melinda, make their home in northeastern Oklahoma. They have raised nine children together and are presently enjoying their first wave of grandchildren. Dennis has a passion for writing music and books, and encouraging and teaching others to pursue their life’s purpose and dreams.

In his latest course—"How To Write A Book"—Dennis distills decades of writing and publishing experiences into ten simple steps for writing a book. This practical “how to” guide contains ten easy-to-read chapters and a treasure trove of creative, motivational, effective and easy-to-implement tips that Jernigan uses to counsel the emerging and seasoned writer. "How To Write A Book" is a must read for every aspiring author as well as those who wish to become more creative and effective in their writing careers.

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Author and Songwriter Dennis Jernigan

The Course Curriculum

You may have the desire to write, or you may have an idea in your head, but you may not know where to begin. If you want to write a book, this course is for you.

By taking the course, you will...

1. Hear a message of encouragement from the author.    

We'll start out by hearing about Dennis Jernigan's experience in the book-writing world. From facing opposition to building success, he has worked all his life to pursue his dreams. Now, he wants to push you to pursue yours! 

7. Prepare to face the hard work of writing and publishing.

This module discusses some of the terrifying ins and outs of the publishing industry, and why you shouldn't let that fear stop you from writing. You have what it takes to create something impactful. We'll encourage you  to keep writing, even if you face setbacks!

2. Ready yourself for the writing process.

Do you have a dream to write? An idea? Are you willing to take the plunge? We'll discuss the idea that everyone has a story to tell. Everyone's individual experience will shape the story they choose! Are you ready to share it with the world?

8. Use your unique perspective to your advantage.

We'll define creativity and emphasize the value of your voice to help strengthen your writing. Then, we'll give you advice on how you can maximize your creative gusto each day.

3. Learn where to begin writing.

Sometimes the first step is the most difficult one. We'll break down the seemingly daunting task of writing a book into several simple questions to ask yourself first.

9. Test the bounds of everyday life to help you stay inspired, vitalized, and writing.

Creativity is only the beginning. We'll discuss how preserving your drive to write is a daily exercise. Then, we'll present you with helpful truths about what living imaginatively requires from you.

4. Decide on your journey and destination with a "road map" outline.

If you can't start a journey without the first step, then you certainly can't finish it without knowing where you're going! We'll discuss how planning of any sort is the key to successfully writing a book. Then, we'll present you with an example outline from the author.

*Resources for this module include a downloadable sample book outline

10. Break the chains of a "project" mindset to preserve your writing spirit.

At times, writing can begin to feel like a chore. Inspiration can start to feel like more of a burden. We'll walk you through some steps you can take to break the shackles of that "project" mentality and focus on the creative process!

5. Take inventory of your own abilities and the resources you can use to write successfully.

In this module, we'll take a look at the tools you already have at your disposal for writing. Then, we'll discuss some of the tools that may be missing from your toolbox. There is no excuse for not writing!

11. Kickstart your writing journey.

With parting words of encouragement, Dennis Jernigan reflects on how he was able to write this course and how you can do the same! With the proper tools and the right plan, you're ready to begin writing your book today—straight from the heart.

6. Learn the importance of collaborating as you write.

We'll dive into common writers' tendencies that create the need for outside influences on your book—such as editors! It's important for your book to become the best it can be. However, it can be hard to receive feedback. We'll give you some tips for how to deal with criticism!

12. Take advantage of course resources.

This module includes an eBook and a downloadable PDF of the entire course, so you can take our advice with you anywhere, anytime!

Additional Enrollment Benefits

Learn from a fellow believer, called to Christian publishing

I believe everyone has a story to tell. Everyone. Not every person has the same story to tell as the next. Not every person talks in the same manner. Not every person will write a personal story. Not every person will write fiction. But it is my firm belief that the lives we life will shape whatever style of story or book we plan to write.

Learn from a fellow Christian author who walks the talk

I have written, to date, twenty books. Two are autobiographical in nature. Some are self-help books. Many are Christian devotional books. And three are fantasy novels for young people. Three of my books have gone on to sell in excess of twelve thousand copies each. The others continue to sell hundreds of copies each year. Ten have been published by traditional publishing houses. Eleven have been self-published.


No Question Goes Unanswered

No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

All of my courses have a place for you to ask questions and receive a response from me. I receive automatic notifications of questions sent in from my courses, and I'll respond in a timely fashion. You'll never be left without a response.  So relax. You are in good hands.

Who is this Course for?

  • Christian authors, artists, and ministries who want to learn how to write a Christian book from a fellow believer and publishing they can trust. 
  • Those who want to hone their creative skills to write a book straight from the heart.
  • Anyone who already has too much to do, and doesn't want to be overwhelmed, or bogged down with no one to turn to if they get stuck. 
  • Anyone who wants to write Christian novels, biographies, devotionals, study guides, bible studies and similar titles.  
CPP-All Things Christian Publishing

all the steps, tools & encouragement you need to know


by Dennis Jernigan, author, singer, songwriter

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This course is meant to first guide you to write your book independently.  However, if you complete your book and end up needing hands-on help or support because you don't have the time or simply don't want to do it yourself, we offer discounted "done-for-you" project quotes. Just send us a note at cpp-info@ccportal.com and we'll get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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