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A minute with molly

52 Essential Etiquette Lessons for Kids

Judy Bollweg

By introducing A Minute with Molly lessons, we engage our children’s imaginations and communicate in a way that inspires them to think beyond themselves and connect with others.
It is my earnest hope that using these lessons will help families, teachers, and caregivers develop a dialogue of civility in their homes, classrooms, and other venues such as after-school programs. After all, manners will matter regardless of where the children are! 

Judy Bollweg is a real-life etiquette expert who has taught thousands of children (and adults) everything they need to know to be comfortable and gracious in any situation.

Available as a course, paperback, and  hardback

The Course Curriculum

This course teaches kids 52, one-minute etiquette lessons from table settings to introductions and more. 

With its friendly tone and focus on kindness, it's sure to help families who want their children to be gracious in all situations they encounter!  

Etiquette Lesson 1: Please and Thank You

Treat others with kindness.

Learn the importance of treating others with kindness, whether by using a friendly voice or keeping your hands to yourself, among more etiquette essentials!

*Downloadable resources include printable coloring pages 

Handle tough situations.

What do you do when you spill something? Break something? What if you're unsure? Learn what to do!

*Downloadable resources include printable coloring pages 

Show others how much you care.

Treating others with kindness is only the beginning. Next, show others how you care through your behavior! Be thoughtful and take steps to make your friends feel special, such as complimenting them.

*Downloadable resources include printable coloring pages 

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Be polite to others.

Politeness is only fair to the people around us. Learn to be polite by closing our mouths while chewing, using our indoor voices, and more!

*Downloadable resources include printable coloring pages and completion certificates

52 Lessons In Total Covering Essential Etiquette Lessons Every Child Should know!

Optionally, Add The "Certificates of Completion" Bundle at Checkout

Both are Suitable for printing & framing. 

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Jr. Etiquette Ambassador (certificate)

Suitable for Younger Children - Print, Frame, & Display

Etiquette Ambassador (certificate)

Suitable for Older Children - Print, Frame, & Display

Additional Enrollment Benefits

Parent / Teacher Guide Provided for Each Lesson

A downloadable PDF is included for Parents and Teachers with suggestions for helping your children apply each etiquette lesson.  

Learn from an expert

Judy Bollweg, a real-life etiquette expert, has taught thousands of children over her career. She is joined by Molly, a certified therapy dog who shares her kind ways with patients and children in hospitals and schools with living examples of compassion.


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Who is this Course for?

  • Parents/educators who want to teach their children etiquette skills. 
  • Anyone who wants a kid-friendly resource that teaches them to care for others.
  • Parents/educators who want their children to be polite, treat others with kindness, and address others will respect.
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52 Essential Etiquette Lessons for Kids

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the course format?

All lessons have a combination of visual and textual materials with downloadable coloring pages.

How do I get help if I have questions?

All courses have an option for asking questions. We'll respond to your questions quickly so you can get the support you need.

What tools and tech do I need? Will I have to buy anything else?

All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone and a good internet connection. No special software or other purchases are required.

Is there a community for the course?

CPP Pro Members will have access to our Pro-only community as it comes online, where they can interact and engage with other members. CPP Pro Membership provides an all-access-pass to ALL current and future courses and other benefits. Learn more about CPP Pro Membership here.

What is the refund policy?

Since enrollment gives you instant access to the entirety of this this digital product along with all of our downloadable course resources, your purchase is non-refundable. 

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