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My Life as a Single Mom

Seven Biblical Lessons for Transforming Your Life and Family

Dr. O'Shea Lowery

Dr. O’Shea Lowery, mother of two and nana of six, is a passionate speaker and writer. She shares God’s truths and lessons to women’s groups, in church classrooms, and through women’s Bible studies, poems, and blogs. Dr. Lowery is a podcaster for Entrusted Hope Ministries and is currently teaching a single moms Sunday school class, “Strong & Courageous.” Her heart beats strong for single moms, as she has been one for more than thirty years.

Dr. Lowery received her bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry from Blue Mountain College, a private Baptist college in northeast Mississippi; her master’s degree in biblical counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and her doctorate in family ministries from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a native of Alabama but presently lives in Dallas.

Dr. O'Shea Lowery

The Course Curriculum

This study is geared toward single mothers but is an essential resource for all women, addressing fundamental truths every woman needs to walk in her faith.

By taking this course, you will learn HOW TO...


1. Follow God

Day 1: “God Calls—We Follow” focuses on single moms who will be taught biblical truths with regard to the Lord’s call. Ladies will be instructed that God is the One who calls, and their role is simply to pray, listen, obey, and follow.

Day 2: “Our Egypt” discusses truths which will be imparted to mothers about the importance of advancing in their journeys instead of retreating when faced with difficulties.

Day 3: “Returning to Our First Love” highlights how single moms will be taught to return to Jesus should they ever find themselves drifting from their intimacy with God due to the busyness of life, embracing a prodigal lifestyle, and so forth.

Day 4: “An Eternal Perspective on Conflicts” will teach the ladies in brief biblical truths how to relate to conflicts and how to handle them biblically.

Day 5: “Walking on Our Inheritance” will help single moms reflect once more on previous certainties taught throughout the week while being challenged to arise and walk with God in His foundational promises for their lives.

4. Wait

Day 1: “Setting Out” will instruct single moms through God’s Word as it relates to the call to “set out” from a once-inhabited dwelling, season, or condition. In addition, individuals will be taught that setting out (from the old) will always precede a (coming-to) something new.

Day 2: “Coming to Your Jordan” will teach ladies to view their Jordans as training grounds, where some of life’s greatest lessons will be taught and learned. Individuals will be encouraged to view these God-ordained seasons through the lens of hope instead of through the lens of dread.

Day 3: “Lodging at Your Jordan” will teach single moms biblical truths about waiting periods in which they will be encouraged to view these times as necessary for God’s ongoing work in their lives instead of a period where nothing is happening.

Day 4: “Following God’s Lead” will instruct ladies about the importance of following God and His plan versus plunging ahead and asking Him to follow their own plans.

Day 5: “Cross Over—A Miracle Unfolding” will teach single moms biblical truths that relate to God’s Word being fulfilled. In addition, ladies will be directed to the following certainties: The “scene” in front of them will never derail the “plan” beyond them that God is going to bring.

2. Stay the Course

Day 1: “Taking Matters into Our Own Hands” teaches truths to single moms about the dangers of manipulating circumstantial results in one’s own life, or in that of a family crisis, for one’s own personal gain.

Day 2: “Taking Responsibility” instructs the ladies in biblical truths that relate to the importance of taking responsibility for one’s choices.

Day 3: “When Circumstances Urge Us to Quit” guides single moms toward biblical truths in helping them view difficult circumstances through the lens of Christ, instead of through the lens of hopelessness.

Day 4: “Where Have You Come From—And Where Are You Going?” will teach ladies the importance of embracing their futures with hope and confidence in the midst of harsh conditions.

Day 5: “Get Up!” instructs single moms about biblical truths relating to God’s provision for both themselves and their children. Through the continued study of Hagar, ladies will observe God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of others’ unfaithfulness.

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5. Remember

Day 1: “Our Gilgal” will teach single moms biblical truths when one is assigned to her own personal Gilgal. Moms will be instructed as to the significance of those times where life-changing lessons will be taught.

Day 2: “Remember” will instruct ladies about biblical certainties, which relate to the importance of remembering the Lord’s work in their lives and even teach them to hold such moments as memorial stones in their minds.

Day 3: “Recall” will educate single moms about the importance of teaching their children God’s truth as well as lessons the Lord has taught them throughout their journeys.

Day 4: “Rest” will remind the ladies of the importance of resting in God’s promises when surrounded by enemies or even amidst difficult seasons.

Day 5: “Repositioned” will instruct single moms to view periods of being repositioned in their journeys as times ordained by the Lord.

3. Be Courageous

Day 1: “Arise” will teach single moms biblical truths that relate to accepting the task God has laid out for their lives.

Day 2: “God Is with You” will address God’s faithfulness in their journeys.

Day 3: “Be Strong and Courageous” will instruct single moms to live strong and courageously in their journeys on the basis of knowing that their strength and confidence come from the Lord.

Day 4: “Align Your Life with God’s Word” will remind the ladies of the value of aligning their lives according to God’s Word in every aspect of their journeys.

Day 5: “An Unlikely Candidate” will teach single moms biblical truths that relate to the Lord’s unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. Ladies will be encouraged by stories of God’s redemption toward individuals who have a past, while grasping the truth that one’s past never has to define one’s future.

6. Trust

Day 1: “Obstacles” will instruct single moms to look at obstacles as opportunities instead of as disappointments or even blocks to their destinies.

Day 2: “Looking at Our Jerichos” will both instruct and encourage the ladies in the area of faith as they stand before their own personal Jerichos, instead of allowing such periods to birth fear and retreat.

Day 3: “I Have Come!” will encourage single moms to view their heavenly Father as One who rules over their journeys, instead of as One assisting them in their voyages.

Day 4: “The Battle Is the Lord’s” will teach the ladies truths about allowing God to fight their battles. Single moms will be instructed to cease putting together their own battle plans.

Day 5: “Trust in the Lord” will impart truths to single moms about the importance of trusting God in and through their journeys. They will be reminded that God is a good Father and completely trustworthy.

7. Obey.

Day 1: “Say What?” will teach single moms biblical truths as they relate to God’s directives for their lives even though the instructions may appear to go against human logic.

Day 2: “Obey God’s Instructions” will impart truths to the ladies as to the importance of always obeying God’s instructions.

Day 3: “Do Not Give Up” will encourage single moms as to the importance of never giving up in their journeys, no matter the difficulties that lie before them.

Day 4: “Do Not See Anything Happening” will teach the importance of continuing to move forward according to God’s Word and instructions, even though they may not see any hint of His working on their behalves.

Day 5: “The Walls Come Down” will close the study with a reminder for single moms that God reigns over their journeys and will bring down in complete victory those walls surrounding their Jerichos.

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Who is this Course for?

  • Single mothers who want to improve life for themselves and their family (as well as married mothers--there's something for everyone to learn!)
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  • Mothers - single or married - of all ages and backgrounds who want to grow closer to God.
  • Women's Bible study groups who want to be better equipped to help single moms.
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All The Materials Tools, & Encouragement You Need To Benefit From

My Life as a Single Mom

Seven Biblical Lessons for Transforming Your Life and Family

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