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Steward Investor
Investing God's Resources for Eternal Impact

Don Simmons, CFP®

Don Simmons is a CFP® professional with over thirty years of experience managing nearly a quarter billion dollars of assets through the boutique investment firm he founded in 1988. He knows the power of investing in redemptive businesses to build people and communities. Simmons served with a London-based economic development fund where he coordinated a global management team that deployed mentors and financial capital to businesses in more than twenty of the least reached and most impoverished countries. Simmons combines his expertise in portfolio design with his diligent study of scripture to reveal the transformational impact that steward investors can have when their portfolios are deployed to expand God’s kingdom. Simmons has been married to Amy since 1989. In addition to family and missional enterprise, his passions include flying an antique (1948) seaplane and cooking pizza in his wood-fired pizza oven.
Don Simmons, Author of The Steward Investor

The Course

This course is not just about competent money management or generosity. Instead, using scripture and real-world examples, Don Simmons helps us discover our duty as God’s money managers and provokes us to invest differently.

Challenging modern temporal financial planning constructs, like maximizing financial returns and minimizing risk for ourselves, The Steward Investor course shows how we can optimize positive, enduring outcomes for all stakeholders, including employees, communities, and the planet, while advancing the kingdom of God.

Simmons help participants adopt a holistic view of investing that aligns with Great Commission and Great Commandment outcomes. You will be challenged and inspired to reevaluate your portfolio and to start your own journey toward investing for eternal impact as God’s steward investor.    

This is what people are saying . . .

About Don Simmons & The Steward Investor.

“You’ve never met an investment advisor like Don Simmons! The Steward Investor will challenge you to live as God’s fiduciary and invest in Kingdom Businesses in the world’s hardest frontier markets. The book weaves together biblical truth, beautiful stories of life change, and practical counsel on how you can start today.”

—Matthew Rohrs, CEO, Sinapis, Kenya

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“This book is dynamite. It will cause explosions in many peoples’ lives, and so it should come with a health (comfort) warning. It gets to the heart of God’s design for the money that He entrusts us with like nothing that I have read before. It is also very timely and will play a big part reshaping my own investment portfolio and in catalyzing the necessary shifts in the global tectonic plates that are happening now in finance.”

—Malcolm Johnston, Partner, Angello, Belfast City, Northern Ireland

“This small book packs a huge punch! It is a potential game changer for thousands of Christ followers who are serious about loving the world in the name of Jesus and who perceive that the financial resources placed in their care by God are not theirs but His and, furthermore, can be actually invested in business enterprises to advance the kingdom of God here on earth. Having known and worked for over a decade with Don, I can attest to how he walks the talk and to his passion for a world of justice, kindness, and humility in our walk with God.”

—Peter Shaukat, Co-Founder of a UK-based global economic development fund

“The Steward Investor: Investing God’s Resources for Eternal Impact is the most comprehensive book I have read that encourages Christians to invest differently than our secular counterparts. Drawing on Don’s experience as a lifelong wealth advisor and his in-depth knowledge of scripture, the reader is presented with practical ways to be faithful stewards of the resources God has entrusted to each of us. Don masterfully explains why all Christians should invest with kingdom returns in mind, not just financial returns.”

—Greg Lernihan, Faith-Driven Investor, Co-Founder of Convergint Technologies

“The Steward Investor is one of the only resources I have ever seen that discusses how to steward investments so that they are aligned with God’s Great Commission objectives. It is a call for each of us to partner with God and deploy the investments entrusted to us in a way which advances His kingdom. For too long our investment portfolios have looked all too normal. I pray this book challenges your mind and heart to rearrange your investment portfolio so that it includes distinctly missional businesses across the globe.”

—Ryan Crozier, Founder, Good Bureau, Bucharest, Romania

Constructing a portfolio that achieves QBL outcomes through its underlying investment is not easy. I have served as a money manager and financial advisor for more than three decades. Most people would call me a professional investor, but my professional expertise is better described as an asset allocator. There is a simple difference between the two. Investors invest money to achieve a single outcome—usually to make more money. Asset allocators invest money into a variety of investments to balance and achieve multiple objectives at the same time.

—Dodd Roberts, Director, Halbert Center for Missions and Global Service, Abilene Christian University

“Don Simmons’ book is engaging on a topic extremely relevant for all followers of Christ: how do we thoughtfully steward everything we have so God is delighted and people’s lives are transformed due to our obedience? It is an insightful blend of biblical understanding, personal stories, and the use of relevant case studies. Written in such a personal way that couples could study it together, families could discuss its implications, and small groups could use it for a deep dive on maximizing their impact for God.”

—Randy Dirks, PhD, Senior Stewardship Advisor at Bethany International


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Resources Included With This Course: 

  1. Video Introductions by the Author for Each Lesson (with key points highlighted)
  2. The complete content of The Steward Investor in text, and audio formats by chapter.
  3. A brief quiz at the end of each Lesson to reinforce key learning points.
  4. A list of questions to consider and pray about at the end of each lesson.
  5. A downloadable eBook edition of The Steward Investor by Don Simmons
  6. An Investor Attestation Regarding Missional Investments.
  7. A Sample Kingdom Impact Plan.
  8. The Entrepreneur's Pledge.
  9. Recommended Next Steps to Begin Your Journey as a Steward Investor.

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Who Is This Course For?

  • Christians of all ages who want to learn how to invest God's resources from a biblical perspective.
  • Church leaders who want to help their congregations better understand biblical financial stewardship.
  • Financial planners and advisors who want to support biblical stewardship for themselves and their clients.
  • Individual believers looking for guidance on how to be good stewards and actually invest in ventures that advance God's kingdom.
  • Christian businesses and ministries that want their organizations to demonstrate how to invest God's resources to achieve God's purposes on this earth right now.
CPP-All Things Christian Publishing

ALL The content, materials, & support You Need to become a

Steward Investor
Investing God's Resources for Eternal Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the course format?

All lessons have a combination of introductory, prerecorded videos, audio and text of each chapter in the book, and supplemental questions to ponder and pray about.

How do I get help if I have questions?

All courses have an option for asking questions. We'll respond to your questions quickly so you can get the support you need.

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All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone and a good internet connection. No special software or other purchases are required.

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Since enrollment gives you instant access to the entirety of this this digital product along with all of our downloadable course resources, your purchase is non-refundable.