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US Copyright Law & Fair Use:

How to Protect Your Work & Avoid Legal Challenges

Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder & CEO 

Hello, I'm Bart Dahmer, a Christ-follower, a husband, a father, a Gideon, and a deacon at my local church. I'm also the founder and CEO of Innovo Publishing LLC, and The Christian Publishing Portal.

I've been privileged to have helped prepare, package, and publish more than a thousand Christian novels, textbooks, children's books, specialty books, music albums, screenplays, and online courses. I've worked with clients in nearly all 50 US States and several countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Collectively, through my companies, I've helped market and sell tens of thousands of these Christian tiles globally.  This is my calling, and I love coming along side authors, artists, and ministries to help them get their publications into the hands of those who need them. In this course, I'll help you understand how to protect your work and avoid legal trouble with US Copyright Law & Fair Use.   

Dr. Bart Dahmer - Christian Publishing Portal Founder

The Course Curriculum

This course on US Copyright Law & Fair USE outlines essential points that all authors, artists, and ministries would do well to know.  Not only can this information help you to protect your work, but it can also help you avoid legal challenges with unintentional violations of US copyright law. 

By taking this course, you will learn...


1. An introduction to the US copyright course and what to expect.

4. A discussion of two (2) categories of work that are not covered by US copyright law and the alternatives for protecting these types of work. 

2. An overview of US copyright law, then and now--and important changes you can now benefit from.

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5. The Top 10 Copyright FAQs: A decade in the making. These questions and and answers are essential for every Christian Creative to know.

3. An in-depth discussion of the eight (8) categories of work covered by US copyright law and the requirements for your work to be included in one of them.

6. Peace of mind and a good night's sleep knowing how to protect your work and avoid legal trouble with your publications.

Additional Enrollment Benefits

Don't Start From Scratch! 

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Downloadable Resources Included With This Course 

  • A Written Summary of Key US Copyright Law & Fair Use Considerations
  • An opportunity to ask follow-up (email) questions to the course instructor

Learn from a fellow believer, called to Christian publishing

I believe all the education and work experiences the Lord provided for me while working in leadership roles for a Fortune 50 company were to prepare me to do this work. Helping fellow believers get the Word out for Christ through Christian publishing is my calling. I love doing this work, and look forward to helping you.

Learn from a fellow Christian author whose walked the road

I've learned and personally applied every aspect preparing, publishing, marketing & selling a Christian book. It wasn't a chore for me--it was a joy. In fact, I did all of these things with my own Christian novel first. Now with over a thousand titles under my belt, I'm a little wiser and better able to help you avoid many of the common mistakes I made and apply best practices from the start.

- If you ever get stuck, We're here to help. You'll never have to go it alone. -

No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

All of our courses have a place for you to ask questions of me. I receive automatic notifications of questions sent in from my courses, and I'll respond in a timely fashion to you. You'll never be left without a response.  So relax. You are in good hands.


No Question Goes Unanswered

Who is this Course for?

  • Christian authors, artists, creatives, and ministries who want to know how to protect their work AND how to avoid legal trouble with their publications.
  • Christian creatives who want answers to the ten (10) most frequently asked questions about US copyright law and the "Fair Use" principle.
  • People who want to understand the process and benefits of registering their work with the US Copyright Office.
  • Authors who want to know whether they need permission to quote another person's work in their publication (i.e., does the "fair use" principle protect them or not?). The answer surprises most people.
  • Anyone who wants to know how to tell if a work is in the "public domain" or not.
  • Authors who want to know whether they can quote from the Bible without permission and if they need permission, how to get it.
  • Anyone who wants to know what they can do if someone infringes on their copyright-protected publications.
CPP-All Things Christian Publishing

ALL The STEPS & Support YOU NEED TO understand

US Copyright Law & Fair Use:

How to Protect Your Work & Avoid Legal Challenges

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