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Curated Collection

   of christ-centered & Wholesome books, eBooks & audiobooks   

Our promotional services are ideal for 

Authors, Artists, Entrepreneurs & Ministries who want to offer

their Christ-centered & wholesome titles to our global Christian creative community.

- choose one or more From the following services -

- Cover Carrousel Promotion -
Feature your book on the CPP's website in an interactive carrousel with a buy link to your book.  You'll be in great company.
- your book will be presented like the examples below -
- Exclusive Book Placement Promotion -

Promote Your Book on the CPP's Featured Book Page with an "Exclusive Book Placement" Like the One Shown Below. This service includes A 3D book image, a "Learn More" Link, an "Amazon" buy link, a "wholesale publisher's" buy link, and an "Author's Other books" link. 

Our "Exclusive Book Placement" promotion enables visitors to see your book faster and with fewer clicks than those in a gallery. 

- View Example Below -
Good Morning Lord Exclusive Placement on the CPP
- Blog Post Promotion -
Tell the world about your book as a Guest Author on our blog! The post will include your article and a picture of your book with a buy link. The post topic must be primarily about your book and lessons learned or other writing tips for CPP members.
Authors write the post which must be approved by the CPP before placement. This is a great way to promote your book and ministry. The blog is posted on the CPP website and our social media accounts so you can subscribe and share it as well. 

View Examples Below / Click Any Post to View -
- Elegant Web Page Promotion -
Display your book on an elegant interactive web page on the CPP's website. 
You provide the content & the CPP creates the page for you!
No Hassles, No Worries - No Kidding!
Your book's web page will include an interactive excerpt, up to three "buy" or "learn more" links, up to three video/audio clips, and a blurb and link to your website or social media site.

- Your Web Page Will Be Similar to the Example Below -
6. Featured Book - Steward Investor
5. Featured Book - Steward Investor
4. Featured Book - Steward Investor
3. Featured Book - Steward Investor
2. Featured Book - Steward Investor

Who Benefits Most from the Curated Collection Service?

  • Authors, artists, ministries & publishers who want to promote their Christ-centered & wholesome titles to a community whose members and guests love to read and support other Christian creatives & Christ-centered organizations.
  • Anyone who wants to promote their Christ-centered and wholesome titles in a cost-effective manner as a good steward of the financial resources God has provided. 
  • Those who approve of the mission of the Christian Publishing Portal and want to support our mission to support the Great Commission, equip believers, and help create a positive Christian worldview.
  • Those who have been called to write a Christ-centered and wholesome book and want to get the word out to a vibrant community of fellow disciples.
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Want access to offer & sell your

professional services, premium courses, and digital products through the CPP?  

Apply to our Partner Plus Program.

- No Fee or Credit Card Required to Apply -

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us ( if you still have questions!

How does the Curated Collection Program Work?

Once you pay for the service, you will be immediately an on-line form that will allow you to upload an image of your book's cover and information about your book needed for the specific promotional service being purchased.  Once you upload your cover and information, we'll confirm receipt and contact you if we need any clarification.  Your book promotion will start within 3 to 5 business days, and we'll notify via email you when it is "live" on our website so you can check it out.

How long does the promotion last?

All Curation Collection promotions are offered on an annual basis and run for twelve consecutive months after your purchase. Our low fees makes this service one of the most affordable and cost-effective advertisements for Christ-centered and wholesome books. 

How can I pay for the service?

Payment may be made by Credit Card or Debit Card.


What is the refund policy?

Once purchased, you placement will run for 12 consecutive months.  If you cancel during that time, your placement will not be renewed at the end of the 12 months. No refund will be provided once the services has been initiated. 

Can I change the book cover, other imagery, or copy after the promotion is setup and begins?

Yes, you can!  For starters, if the CPP makes any mistakes when placing your cover, other imagery, or copy about your book, we will correct this right away and, of course, free of charge. During the first month, we will also support up to three "preference" changes (i.e., changes that do not correct a CPP created mistake) if they are within the scope of the service purchased. Also, during your 12 month advertising period, we will gladly updated your "purchase or learn more" links if the original URL's provided become deprecated (i.e., the original URLs provided don't work anymore). Other requests will be considered on a case by case basis and may require a fee depending on the complexity or scope.