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Through the CPP, you can learn how to create and publish books, music, screenplays, and courses for the Christian & wholesome markets yourself (DIY), or you can hire one of our trusted Christian experts to do all or part of it for you!

Becoming a CPP Pro is the most affordable option if you plan to take multiple courses or offer your own courses or titles on the CPP.

Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder & CEO 

As a community of Christian creatives, we can help equip and encourage one another to be good stewards of our creative talents and to walk humbly with the Lord in our everyday lives.  
Dr. Bart Dahmer - Christian Publishing Portal Founder

Hello, I'm Bart Dahmer, a Christ-follower, a husband, a father, a Gideon, and a deacon at my local church. I'm also the founder and CEO of Innovo Publishing LLC and The Christian Publishing Portal. 

I've been privileged to have helped prepare, package, and publish more than a thousand Christian novels, textbooks, children's books, specialty books, eBooks, audiobooks, music albums, screenplays, and online courses through my Christian publishing company.

Now, through the CPP, my team and I are sharing with you the best proven practices, insider tips, processes, and tools to help you create and publish your own Christian titles. I hope you will consider joining our community as a CPP Pro Member.  We are better together.

The CPP has a bright future.

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For those of you who believe in what we are doing and want to grow with us, for a limited time, we are offering the CPP Pro Membership for a one-time fee. Access all the courses we have now and all those we add in the coming months and years!

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Learn from fellow believers, called to Christian publishing

I believe all the education and work experiences the Lord provided for me while working in leadership roles for a Fortune 50 company were to prepare me to do this work. Helping fellow believers get the Word out for Christ through Christian publishing is my calling. I love doing this work, and I look forward to helping you.

Learn from a fellow Christian author whose walked the road

I've learned and personally applied every aspect of preparing, publishing, marketing & selling a Christian book. It wasn't a chore for me—it was a joy. In fact, I did all of these things with my own Christian novel first. Now, with over a thousand titles under my belt, I'm a little wiser and better able to help you avoid many of the common mistakes I made and apply best practices from the start.

- If you ever get stuck, we're here to help. You'll never have to go alone. -

No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

All of our courses have a place for you to ask questions of me. I receive automatic notifications of questions sent in from my courses, and I'll respond in a timely fashion to you. You'll never be left without a response. So relax. You are in good hands.


No Question Goes Unanswered

Who Benefits Most From Pro Membership?

  • Christian authors, artists, and ministries who want to learn how to publish a Christian book from a fellow believer and publisher they can trust. 
  • Those who desire to avoid common publishing mistakes that may lead to extra costs and work.
  • Anyone who already has too much to do and doesn't want to be overwhelmed or bogged down with no one to turn to if they get stuck. 
  • Anyone who wants to publish Christian novels, biographies, devotionals, study guides, Bible studies, and similar titles intended for print (i.e., paperbacks and hardbacks).  
  • NOTE: For those interested in publishing children's books, textbooks, eBooks, flipbooks, or audiobooks—consider our other courses designed for those specific types of books.
CPP-All Things Christian Publishing

Want access to ALL our current and future courses for one low price?

For a limited time, Get 50% Off Our CPP PRO Membership!

ACCESS EVERYTHING for half price! 

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- Sale ends February 1, 2023 -

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us (cpp-info@cpportal.com) if you still have questions!

What is your refund policy?

Since enrollment gives you instant access to all of our premium courses and all of their downloadable course resources, your purchase of the CPP PRO Membership is non-refundable. 

How do I get help if I have questions?

You can participate in our scheduled online "Office Hours" meetings for group discussions and Q&A.

 You can always email us anytime at cpp-info@cpportal.com and we will respond to you promptly 

Is there a community for Pro Members?

We are actively working on an online community with plans to release it in 2023. All Pro Members will be eligible to participate in the community when it comes online.

Can you create and publish my book, eBook, audiobook, music, screenplay, or course for me?

The CPP is designed to help you learn how to publish your books and other titles independently. However, if you end up needing an expert to help—because you don't have the time or simply don't want to do it yourself—we offer our Pro Members discounted "Done-for-You" professional services. Just send us a note at cpp-info@ccportal.com and we'll get in touch to discuss how we can help.