Publishing Readiness Assessment 

Are your manuscript and cover ready to be published?  

You don't have to guess.

- Ditch the Doubt & Know for Sure -

  • Are you wondering whether your manuscript's layout and design look professional?
  • Does it have the proper headers, footers, mirrored margins, chapter titles, headings, and pagination?
  • Is the text in the proper safe zones so that it will be easy to read and not trimmed off or covered up by the binding process?
  • Does it include the right front-matter pages, body text, and back-matter pages?
  • Are you using any quotes or imagery that may violate US Copyright laws?  
  • Do the manuscript's fonts & design complement the cover's fonts & design? 
  • Does the copyright page have all the necessary and customary information?

Is your book ready to be published?

Let us help you know for sure.

Our Publishing Readiness Assessments Include . . .

1. Manuscript Publishing Readiness Assessment -  Assesses your manuscript design & layout to ensure it meets industry standards and will print properly.

2. A FREE Cover Assessment - If your cover is ready for review, we will also make sure it is print & retail ready. 

We'll answer questions like these:

(1) Is your cover the right dimensions and resolution for optimal printing?

(2) Are the title, spine text, blurbs, bio, and pics laid out in the proper safe zones?

(3) Are the ISBN and barcode functional and in the right place?

(4) Is the cover the right size so it can wrap around the manuscript properly and be trimmed correctly? 

3. FREE ISBN & BARCODE - If needed, we will also provide you with a FREE ISBN number and a barcode to ensure your book is retail ready—at no additional charge.

Are Your Cover & Manuscript Ready to Be Published?  

You Won't Have to Guess if You Use Our

Publishing Readiness Assessment!

CPP Publishing Readiness Expert--excited to help CPP members with a publishing readiness review.

Publishing Readiness


This service evaluates whether your manuscript is ready to be published and provides guidance on how to address any weaknesses to make it ready.

Upon request, we also provide

a FREE cover assessment and

a FREE ISBN (a $125.00 value***)



The Professional, Unbiased & Constructive Feedback 

You Need to Know!

1. Click the "Buy Publishing Readiness Assessment" button and pay for the service.

2. Immediately after payment, you will be able to upload your manuscript as an MS Word or PDF document (attach your cover, too, if you have one ready).

3. We will review your manuscript (and cover, if provided) and provide a written PUBLISHING READINESS ASSESSMENT that includes professional, unbiased, and helpful feedback from a fellow believer you can trust.

The Publishing Readiness Assessment includes the following:  

  • Strengths & weaknesses across eight (8) essential categories with personalized recommendations for improvement. 
  • A 3-page or up to 750-word (whichever comes first) sample edit with our assessment & recommendations for improvement (if any).
  • An overall "publishing readiness rating" and personalized recommendations to consider for your next steps.    

Your personalized PUBLISHING READINESS evaluation will be conducted by a fellow believer and editorial expert who understands "whose" you are and "why" you are publishing you book. Your assessment will include the following four components:

1. A Manuscript Readiness Assessment

(Have a cover  ready? Upload it too, and we'll assess it for FREE.)

2. Personalized feedback with improvement recommendation 

(across eight publishing readiness categories)

3. A 3-page

(or up to 750-word) sample edit

(with all corrections showing)

4. Overall Publishing Readiness Rating & Recommendations

An overall publishing readiness rating that is based on our 8 evaluation categories and a 3-page professional sample edit. Plus, we'll provide our recommendations for addressing any weaknesses.

*** A cover review is included at no extra charge if you submit it at the same time you submit your manuscript.  

*** If requested, we'll also provide a FREE ISBN for your book! A $125 value if bought one at a time from Bowker.

** Please note that this is a written critique only and does not include a live meeting. The critique will be delivered via email.

- A page is defined as an 8.5" x 11", double-spaced page with 12-point, Times New Roman font, and 1" margins with up to 150 words per page. -